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Fitted Bedsheets

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Fitted Bedsheets:

If you're looking for the best night's sleep, you need a set of Thread Count fitted bedsheets. Made from the finest 100% Egyptian cotton, our sheets are soft, smooth, and luxurious. And because they're fitted, they'll stay in place all night long.

No more waking up in the middle of the night to adjust your sheets! With Thread Count, you'll sleep soundly through the night and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day.

Why settle for less when you can have the best? Order your Thread Count fitted bedsheets today and start enjoying the best night's sleep of your life!

How To Check Before Buying The Fitted Bedsheet:

1. Choose the right design category of bed sheet that works with your vibe. Select a bedsheet style and design that matches your room as well as your personality best. Whether you like it simple with monochromes or neutral colours, or flamboyant with bold patterns and bright pop colours.

2. Measure your bed to find the right bedsheet size. Apart from measuring the length and width, measure the thickness of the mattress too. This will ensure that you buy the right size to be able to tuck your bed sheet in comfortably.

3. It is important to pay attention to the fabric that best suits you. Natural fabrics are better than synthetic textiles. Cotton is most advisable and preferred.

4. Most importantly, filter to search for the perfect bed sheet that is within the bed sheet price you are looking for.

Take Care of Fitted Bedsheets for Long Lasting:

Here are the following few tips that help you to keep bedsheets in their best shape and quality.
1. It’s advisable to wash your bed sheets weekly and if you live in humid climates, then wash more frequently. Because if you don’t, the longer time of dirt, dust, body-liquids and oils will accumulate on the sheets. Hence, this will clean them as soon as possible and maintain the quality of fabric in its best way.

2. Bedsheets don’t need much detergent while washing. Moreover, add water and detergent first before putting your bed sheets to prevent discoloration. Don’t use fabric softeners as they can break down your natural fibers and prevent usage of bleach as this will cause discoloration.

3. If you are lazy or don’t want to wash much, then it’s suggested to have a bath before sleeping. In this way, you will bring less dust and dirt to the bed sheet.

4. If you are putting your bed sheet in the washing machine, then remove before any spots or stains with soft cotton moistened cloth. This will help to remove stains easily without affecting much the natural beauty of the sheet.

5. If you are storing the bedsheets, then be smart to organize them well. Fold it well to avoid wrinkles when getting it. Also, while fixing in your bed, avoid the wrinkles and remove dust accumulation when you get out of the bed.